North Kerry Board – Cumman Peile Gael na mBan Rules and Conditions 2023

Entry Fee is E40.00 per team, affiliation fee E45.00. All registration and affiliation fees to be paid before competition starts. If fees are unpaid the team in question are excluded from competition. All fees payable to North Kerry Ladies football c/o James Hayes , Treasurer, 4 Mountain Close, Balloonagh Estate, Tralee.

  • In the event of a tie for position between two teams the team that fulfilled all its fixtures will finish ahead of a team who conceded a walkover, in the event that either both teams completed all their fixtures or both conceded a walkover the result of their match will be used to decide position and failing that a coin will be tossed or both teams agree to play a play-off match prior to the semi final date. Head To Head Rule Applies ,If Teams End Up On Same Points Scoring Differance Will Come Into Play And Decide Winner Of Competition.
  • Games to be played no later than date fixed. However games may be played before. All alterations to the fixtures committee schedule of fixtures are subject to written notification to the competitions Co-Ordinator three days in advance of the original fixture.
  • Under no circumstance is a game to be cancelled. The only exemption to this rule is the cancellation of a game due to death of immediate relative. Fixtures Co-Ordinator for the relevant competition must be notified.
  • Where a club is seen to be not playing its fixtures at any particular age group without good reason, the clubs future participation in the North Kerry League can be questioned.
    Non availability of pitch will result in losing home advantage. However, Neighbouring pitches may be used as home pitch if required.
  • Results of all games are to be submitted by BOTH TEAMS before 10pm on the day game is played. E20.00 fine for failing to phone in result. All results Are  to Be Sent To Coordinators Of Age Groups . This is to facilitate the publication of results in local media and it is in each clubs best interest to conform.
  • Non availability of pitch or viable alternative i.e. Neighbouring pitch, will result in losing home advantage.
  • Team with home advantage cover cost of referee And If The Home Team Can Not Get Their Home Pitch And Seek An Alternative Pitch They Still Pay Referee who is appointed by the North Kerry Board Referees committee. All referees appointed to take charge of games must have official Ladies Referees Course completed. The cost of referee is €40 for a juvenile fixture and €40 for a Senior/Junior fixture.
  • All Referee’s Are To Be Paid Before Games.
  • Individual clubs referees phone numbers to be supplied to secretary of the North Kerry Board.
  • Fixtures committee will appoint referees for All Games . Referees costs are paid by the Home club for semi-finals and by the North Kerry Board for all finals.
  • Any Club That Has Two Teams Playing In Competition Must Name There First 13 Players For The A Team 
    Any Girl That Is Named On The A Team Can Not Play On The B Team 
    Any Girl That Is Named On The B Team That Plays 2 Or More Games For The A Team Can Not Drop Back Down To The B Team [ Even If Girl Comes On As Sub ]

Under 12 Competition specific playing rules

  1. One hop, one solo
  2. no penalties
  3. no sin-bin.
  4. Size 4 football
  5. The duration of the game is 25 minutes each half. 4 Quarters 12 And Half Minutes Per Quarter
  6. Pitch Size 13 metre Line  To 13 metre Line
  7. Width Size Shall Be A Medium Of 25m [ 11 a Side ] 35 Metre [12 a Side Up ] .Either Side Of Goal;s
  8. 5 Goal Rule Applies


U14 competition specific playing rules

  1. Full Pitch
  2. sin-bin
  3. Size 4 football
  4. full rules
  5. The duration of the game is 30 minutes each half.

Under 16 competition specific playing rules

  1. Full pitch – In the event that there are only 11 players on either side the pitch May be reduced in Width If Both Teams Agree
  2. Full rules
  3. sin bin
  4. all 45’s to be kicked off the ground.
  5. Size 4 football


  • If a club can only field 11 players the opposing team to field same number at all age groups.
  • Substitutes to be unlimited.
  • Official team books to be used, two copies of the team sheet must be given to the referee prior to the commencement of the game.