2014 Rule Changes

2014 Rule Changes

Two bye laws were adopted by club delegates at the January meeting.

Under 14 Pitch Size

If both teams have 13 or more players it 30mins per half and full pitch
If both teams have less than 13 players it 25mins a half and the pitch should be narrowed from the sidelines at least 5 metres per side – the distance to be agreed by both managers

Non Fielding for North Kerry Final fixtures

Any club which fails to fulfill a North Kerry Board Final fixture in any grade either Senior or Juvenile will have to re-apply to the North Kerry Board for inclusion in that grade for the next season at the next North Kerry AGM.  An application for inclusion in North Kerry Divisional competition will then be voted on by club delegates at the AGM after the club in question makes a presentation to them at the meeting, success will be achieved by simple majority – provided a quorum of clubs attend the AGM.

Please make sure that all of your committee members and especially team managers and trainers have a good look at the North Kerry Ladies board rules on Rules 2014 before they take their positions as there are quite a few differences between the County Board and expecially the GAA rulebook.

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