Making a North Kerry Fixture

Last year we piloted a scheme in the Under 14 League wherby we appointed the referee for each fixture in an effort to be fair to every individual who had taken the time to complete the relevant courses and after discussion at the 2013 AGM it has been decided that this procedure will be extended to all competitions in 2014.

The secretary of the North Kerry Board will send a reminder to competing clubs a week before the game is to be completed requesting that each club confirm the fixture has been made.  The home club has a responsibility to contact the away club and agree a time and date for the fixture and both clubs then notify the secretary of the North Kerry Board of the details of the fixture.

The secretary of the Board then contacts the secretary of both the Fixtures committee and the Referees committee of the fixture details and the referees committee contacts and appoints a referee for the fixture and notifies the fixtures committee.  Once this process is complete the fixtures committee secretary contact both clubs confirming the fixture, all contacts between the parties will take place by eMail.

It is important to remember that once the fixture has been confirmed by the fixtures committee to the clubs it cannot be called off unless in extraordinary circumstances.  This rule has always been in affect and is there to protect all clubs and also to ensure the timely completion of our competition.

We appreciate that this is kind of complicated but we have found that there is less confusion with a paper trail of all communications and it will become a smooth operation after a period of time, this also illustrates the necessity for clubs to submit contact details for all committee members and trainers to us.

Thanks for your co-operation in this procedure and if you have any questions or queries please contact me on 086 3747642 or on

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