Under 12 Division 5 Fixtures and Results 2022

In Under 12 Division 5 There Will Be 7 Teams

Abbeydorney Kittins = Austin Stacks Cubs = Listowel Emmetts Lioness =Castlegregory = Beale  = St Pats -Finuge/St Senans Tigers

There Will Be An Outright Winner .

Team 2 Will Play Team 3 In Shield Final .

Team 4 Will Play Team 5 In Plate  Final ,

Loser Of Plate Final  Play Team 7 In Trophy Final

Teams 2 And 4 And 6  Have Home Advantage In Final .

Outright Winners: Beale

Shield-Final: Listowel Emmetts Lioness  4-07   v Austin Cubs 3-04

Plate-Final:  Abbeydorney Kittins 4-07  v St Pats 4-03

Trophy Final  St Pats  4-07    v Castlegregory  00-07

Home Team Pays Ref In Final

U12 Div 5 2022

DateRoundHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
23th March1Castlegregory1-01 Beale3-07
23th March1Listowel Emmetts Lioness00-05Abbeydorney 00-01
23th March 1St Pats 1-02Austin Stacks Cubs1-04
23th March 1Finuge/St Senans TigersScr
30th March2Finuge/St Senans TigersScrCastlegregory
30th March2Abbeydorney Kittins 3-04St Pats 2-07
30th March2Austin Stacks Cubs2-00Listowel Emmetts Lioness4-04
30th March 2Abbeydorney Kittins Bye
6th April3Beale Finuge/St Senans TigersScr
6th April3St Pats 1-00Listowel Emmetts Lioness1-04
6th April3Castlegregory 2-03Abbeydorney Kittins 5-10
6th April3Austin Stacks CubsBye
13th April4Beale2-04Austin Stacks Cubs 00-04
13th April4St Pats 1-09Castlegregory00-03
13th April4Abbeydorney Kittins Finuge/St Senans TigersScr
13th April4Listowel Emmetts LionessBye
20th April5Listowel Emmetts Lioness2-05Beale2-05
20th April5Finuge/St Senans TigersScrSt Pats
20th April5Castlegregory 2-04Austin Stacks Cubs2-04
20th April5Abbeydorney Kittins Bye
27th April6Abbeydorney Kittins 00-04Beale4-07
27th April6Austin Stacks CubsFinuge/St Senans TigersScr
27th April6Listowel Emmetts Lioness4-03Castlegregory1-03
27th April6St Pats Bye
4th May7Finuge/Senans TigersScrListowel Emmetts Lioness
4th May7Beale4-08St Pats1-05
4th May7Austin Stacks Cubs2-05Abbeydorney Kittins 00-03
4th May 7CastlegregoryBye

Under 12 Division 5 Table 2022

Listowel Emmetts Lioness54019
Austin Stacks 52215
Abbeydorney Kittins 51313
St Pats51313
Finuge/St Senans Tigers ScrScrScrScrScr


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