Senior/Inter/Junior Leagues

Senior Championship
Following a re-organisation and a bit of negotiations we have four teams in our Senior Championship this year and after watching the games it has turned out to be a very competitive league with the underdogs Corca Duibhne stepping up and making it a very viable championship.  We will have two finals in this a Cup final for which Castleisland Desmonds have qualified for with one game remaining, their opponants have yet to be decided with all three of the other teams having a chance to qualify.

Outstanding fixtures and tables

Intermediate Championship

Causeway have come up a grade with trepidation and have caused a shock through their determination and skill and we are thankful to them for taking the plunge, they have always been great supporters of North Kerry and I am delighted for them.  There will be a complication with the qualification for finals but that is fine, the idea is to give clubs competitive games in order to prepare for County Championship and it is with great credit that the clubs have embraced the idea and just got on with it giving their members value for their registration fee.

Outstanding fixtures and tables

Junior Championship

Some of our clubs have entered second teams into this league which has meant that this is going to be very competitive and will continue for the whole of the Summer which is no bad thing.  I know it is difficult to get the girls out at this time of year but there is nothing better to playing on dry pitches in fine weather with the sun going down and again it gives a chance to the teenagers in your club to get meaningful games before going onto senior teams.

Outstanding fixtures and tables

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